Web Evangelism Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors


1. List ten different ways to evangelize using the internet

2. List at least two virtual pages different from each other of each of the following that could help an Adventist Biblical instructor in class a. The Sabbath b. Health reform c. Family

3. Have accounts in the following virtual relationships networks: a. Social network: have at least 25 relationships with non-Adventists b. E-mail: have a list of at least 25 non-Adventist contacts c. Microblog: have at least 25 non-Adventist contacts Using unique tools for each one, prepare an evangelism project with dates and chosen excerpts; for one month, three times a week send a Bible verse and/or an excerpt from the Spirit of Prophecy on one of the topics from requirement 2 to all persons registered in each of the accounts.

4. Mention the importance of also keeping a routine personal evangelism plan and list the advantages and disadvantages of evangelizing only digitally.

5. What precautions should a Christian take while navigating the internet? Based on Phillipians 4:8, prepare a list of criteria for choosing web pages. Write a pledge and sign it as a commitment to follow your list of criteria.

6. List ten websites or blogs of different Pathfinder clubs and evaluate them according to the following: a. Which ones show, besides technical content, evangelism content? b. Which ones have a better format for navigation? c. Which ones contain links to evangelism websites? d. Which ones are more suitable for a club presentation to anyone interested?

7. Visit five different web pages of the Seventh-day Adventist church, identify yourself in the comments section and send ideas for new material or content of evangelism for the website.

8. Explain how the internet can help fulfill Christ's commission found in Mark 16:15.

9. "Like" and share the page fb.com/evangelismoweb and follow on Twitter @evangelismoweb. Actively participate in these communities.

10. Subscribe to the newsletter at evangelismoweb.com.

11. "Like" and share the page fb.com/clubdconquistadores and follow on Twitter @conquistadorsda. Actively participate in these communities.

12. Participate as a type of worker (intercessor, counselor, instructor) of the website biblia.com.

13. Participate in a project sponsored by evangelismoweb for the South American Division, Union or local field (Conference/Mission).