Venomous Animals Pathfinder Honour

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1. What are venomous animals?

2. Discover the number of accidents caused by venomous animals in your country or region in the last year (in case that data is not available, see the last year available).

3. Choose and present the following characteristics of two venomous animals: a. Habitat b. Diet c. Harm caused to humans d. Forms of prevention

4. List at least three venomous animals in each of the following types: a. Reptiles b. Insects c. Arachnids

5. Explain why venomous animals are important for the balance of the ecosystem.

6. Learn four ways to protect yourself from venomous animals found in homes, businesses, or camps.

7. Do venomous animals usually attack because they are bad or as a defense?

8. Learn the first aid given to victims of stings from venomous animal.

9. What is serotherapy?

10. Know for which animal bite each type of the following serums serves: a. Antibothropic b. Anticrotalic c. Polyvalent antibothropic d. Antilapidic e. Antiarachnid f. Antiscorpion

11. Complete at least one of the following activities: a. Visit a zoo or research site where you can observe venomous animals and present a report. b. With the guidance of your leader, identify at least ten venomous animals and submit a list with: scientific name, common name, picture and place of origin.

12. Discover at least two venomous animals in the Bible.