Troubadour Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Play a song on a simple instrument or mark the rhythm of a tune 
with a tambourine, triangle, etc.
2.    Act out a character or animal with costume or gestures so the group can recognize it.
3.    Act out, with a group, a story.
4.    Name three people of the Bible who were musical.
5.    Make up a poem about nature.
6.    Sing two traditional songs of your country.
7.    With a few friends, organize 15 minutes of entertainment for a group.
Tell a story to a group.
8.    Find, read, and explain the meaning of Psalm 66:1-2.

1.    Use a reed pipe, flute, harmonica, recorder, piano, etc.
2.    Encourage children to use their imaginations creatively.
3.    Help the children to share and take turns.
4.    Miriam, David, Lucifer, Jubal, etc.
5.    The poem should have four to eight lines.
6.    Teach the children some traditional songs. If your class includes children from many nationalities, learn songs of different countries and sing them as a group.
7.    Teach children to work together and organize a program.
8.    Discuss together and share how to make a joyful “noise.”