Trees Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Read several Bible verses about leaves. List the kinds of leaves you find.
2.    Collect 10 leaves from different trees.
a.    Press and dry
b.    Identify
3.    Paint one leaf with chocolate.
4.    Tell how trees scatter their seeds and collect or draw five different seeds. 
5.    Make two different leaf rubbings.
Make two pieces of stationery, using a leaf design.
6.    Discover the trees and leaves in your neighborhood. Learn something special about each one. Report your findings to the class.
7.    Put your dried leaves in a “Leaves” Scrapbook.

1.    Genesis 3:7, Genesis 8:11, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2. Encourage the children to look up the texts (they may need help), and read and discuss them together. Children may put their lists in their leaf scrapbooks.
2.    Encourage variety in shape, color, and size identifying as you collect. Place leaves between a newspaper or paper towel with cardboard top and bottom—place a weight on the top, dry flat and wait until they are dry before placing in LEAVES scrapbook. Neatly identify them.
3.    Melt semisweet chocolate. Using a small brush paint a leaf (maple leaf or other leaf with deep veins works best) set on a tray covered with wax paper and refrigerate. When chilled, help to gently remove leaf and discover the leaf pattern in chocolate. Discuss God’s love of nature. The “leaves” may then be eaten.
4.    At the right time of the year, help the child to see how the wind blows the seeds from a nearby tree.
5.    Place a leaf under white paper and gently rub a color crayon over the paper—watching the leaf pattern appear on your paper. Experiment with different sizes and types of leaves.
Glue a pressed leaf on a corner of a sheet of paper. An envelope may have a matching leaf attached OR stamp the leaves with ink and transfer to paper and envelope.
6.    Some plants need shade, others full sunlight, some much water, others may be drought resistant. Trees have different types of seeds, leaves or needles, etc.
7.    Make a neat scrapbook, identify each leaf. Repeat names so they may learn the ones that are common to your area.