Thankful Heart Eager Beaver Award



1. Read the following Bible verses and talk about what you can be thankful for.
a. Psalms 136:1-4
b. Colossians 4:2
c. I Thessalonians 5:18
2. What day of the week should we be most thankful for? How can we make it special?
3. Listen to and talk about the Bible story of the 10 lepers.
4. Make a craft that illustrates 10 people and/or things that you are thankful for.
5. Make a “thank you” card to be given to someone.


1. Mercy, general, everything.
2. Sabbath. Examples are going on a nature walk, having a scavenger hunt, playing Bible
games with family, visiting a convalescent home, visiting a missing church member.
3. Luke 17:11-19. Why did one of them return to Jesus? Explain why it is important to be
4. Search Google and/or Pinterest for ideas.
5. The card can be given to a teacher, parent, pastor, or friend, etc.