Tabernacle Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1. Read and discuss I Corinthians 6:19, and read and discuss Exodus 25:8 and 29: 44-46.

2. What does Tabernacle mean?

3. List the three main areas of the Tabernacle.

4. Find and read John 14:6, John 10:9 and Matthew 7:13-14. Using the Bible verses that you read, discuss what a gate symbolizes? (The gate is a representation of Christ.)

5. Discuss and identify the Tabernacle and all of its parts.

a. Brazen Alter
b. Tabernacle Sacrifices
c. Laver (Basin)
d. Menorah (Lamp stand)
e. Table of Showbread
f. Golden Altar of Incense
g. Holy of Holies & the Veil
h. Ark of the Covenant & the Articles

6. Create or build your own Tabernacle.

7. Sing a Sanctuary song.

8. Play one of the following games:

a. Tabernacle memory.
b. Fruit basket upset using Tabernacle part names.
c. Make cards of the furniture; mix the cards up and as they draw a card, put it in the right place on the diagram.
d. Each Adventurer draws out of a hat a card with the name of a furniture/part of the tabernacle on it, and then stands in the correct place in the room.
e. Other game