Street Art Pathfinder Honour

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1. Describe what is in a “tag” name. Everyone chooses a tag name
2. Summarize what God “painted” in six days of Creation and what He did on the seventh day.
3. Explain the history of graffiti within the Hip Hop culture.
4. What are three facts of graffiti?
5. Define the following vocabulary terms: a. Tagger/writer b. Tag name c. Graffiti d. Can control e. Tag f. Throw-up/Throwie g. Piece/burner h. Mural i. Going over j. Cap/tip k. Crew/krew/cru l. Buff m. Wild style n. Bomb o. Street art
6. Identify the following materials: a. Spray can b. Blackbook c. Caps/tips d. Gloves e. Mask f. Buff paint g. Rollers h. Sponges i. Pencil j. Markers k. Wall l. Plastic wrap
7. Identify and explain (with pictures) the different forms of: a. Private graffiti b. Public graffiti
8. Describe three differences between graffiti and street art. Explain the difference between graffiti and street art and the consequences for painting without permission.
9. Draw: a. Practice your name/tag (on paper) b. Draw your name in block or bubble letters c. Draw then build an R d. Partner with another artist and make a drawing with a positive message on one piece of paper
10. Paint: a. Practice different sprays b. Use a fat and thin cap/tip (if available) to demonstrate and experiment making different sized lines c. Practice your name/tag (on a wall) d. Paint then build an R e. Buff the wall
11. Collaborate with a group of artists to paint a mural with a positive message.
12. Read 1 Peter 2:9 and Romans 13:1, and discuss how these two verses relate to street art.
13. Share how this artistic form of communication can be used as a tool for evangelism