Soils Pathfinder Honour

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1.      Define what "soil" means?

2.      Where on earth is all soil located?

3.      What are 5 key factors in soil formation?

4.      Define the following terms:

a.       A-Horizon
b.      B-Horizon
c.       C-Horizon
d.      Organic layer
e.       Mineral layer
f.       Clay
g.      Leaching
h.      Silica
i.        Humus
j.        Soil Profile
k.      Parent Material
l.        Pedologist

5.      Define the term "Soil Classification". Why are soils classified?

6.      Discuss three differences between the following soil types:

a.       Desert
b.      Temperate
c.       Tropical

7.      Examine a 2-foot vertical section of soil. Label the different types of organic matter found, identify the different soil horizons, and mark the transition from the soil layer to the mineral layer.

8.      Draw, photograph, or collect and correctly label 5 different soil types.