Software Development Pathfinder Honour

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1. Have the specialty Computing V - Specialization.

2. Say what software is and what its functions are in the control and handling of information

3. Define what programming language is and describe the difference between highand low-level programming.

4. Define the following types of programming languages: a. Structured programming b. Functional programming c. Object-oriented programming d. Event-driven programming

5. Define the following terms: a. Binary code b. Scope c. Flowchart d. Programming e. Database f. Compilation

6. Know what the main steps are to create software.

7. Describe the use of the UML for the phases of software development.

8. What techniques are best applied in agile software development (light and fast software)? Present a study about this technique.

9. In which development projects is it possible to apply the RUP and what are its phases?