Soap Making Pathfinder Honour

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1. Have the Soap Craft - Advanced Honor.

2. Review and list the basic safety equipment needed to make soap.

3. What is saponification value?

4. What is superfatting?

5. Describe the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils.

6. What can be used to color the soap?

7. What can be used in place of distilled water when making soap?

8. At what stage in the soap making process should fragrances, colors, or additives be added?

9. Define “seize” in terms of soap and what might cause it.

10. What is the most common temperature to “soap” at?

11. Explain what 99% rubbing alcohol is used for.

12. Describe the following techniques in soap making. Collect photos of at least five of them.

a. Simple swirl

b. Layering

c. Funnel pour

d. Faux funnel pour

e. Slant pour

f. In the pot swirl

g. Embeds

h. Zebra swirl

i. Spin swirl

j. Hanger swirl

13. Make two batches of soap. Incorporate color, fragrance, or a design technique in each of these:

a. Cold process (CP)

b. Melt and pour with embeds (MP)

14. Explain how long should your soap cure and why.

15. Complete one of the following:

a. Give a devotional talk about soap and cleanliness.

b. Write a two-page paper on how soap relates to our spiritual life.

16. Make a gift/display basket of some of your soaps that you have made and give it to someone that could really appreciate it. This can either be done by yourself or as a group project (additional items may be included).