Shrubs Pathfinder Honour

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1.      Note three characteristics of shrubs that distinguish them from trees and herbs. Why is a grape vine sometimes regarded as a shrub?
2.      Name three important wild or cultivated food shrubs of your locality. Name a shrub that produces edible nuts.
3.      Name two cultivated shrubs and two wild shrubs of your locality that produce showy flowers.
4.      Do most shrubs blossom in the spring, summer, or autumn? Name one shrub whose flowers open before the leaves appear.
5.      What parasitic shrub frequently used for indoor decoration grows on the high branches of different kinds of trees?
6.      Give an example of a shrub whose leaves in autumn turn from green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, or red.
7.      Observe some shrub which is in bloom and list as many kinds of insects as you can (at least three) which come to its blossoms for pollen or nectar.
8.      From what shrubs do birds prefer to eat the fruit or seeds? Name a shrub whose flowers attract birds.
9.      In what shrubs do birds prefer to build their nests?
10. Collect, preserve, and correctly identify the flowers, leaves, seeds, seed pods, or twigs with buds of ten wild shrubs.