Sharks Pathfinder Honour

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1. On what day of Creation Week were sharks created?

2. What is the study of sharks called?

3. Identify from pictures or personal observation 10 species of sharks.

4. Draw a shark and identify the following shark parts:

 a. 1st dorsal fin

 b. 2nd dorsal fin

 c. Pectoral fin

 d. Pelvic fin

 e. Anal fin

 f. Caudal fin

 g. Gill openings

 h. Spine

 i. Eye

 j. Snout

 k. Nostril

 l. Mouth

5. Explain the shark sensory system: Smell, Sight, Taste, Hearing, Touch,  Electroreception.

6. Name the largest member of the shark family and its maximum adult size.

7. Name the most aggressive member of the shark family.

8. Name the predators of the Great White Shark.

9. Explain the shark breeding habits.

10. How do sharks give birth?

11. Discuss with a group the following:

 a. How to be safe when you are in a shark’s natural environment

 b. Misconceptions about sharks

 c. Dangers of sharks

12. Do two of the following activities:

 a. Take a trip to a local aquarium and learn about the shark’s daily feeding schedule and habits.

 b. Watch a documentary about sharks and identify how sharks hurt and benefit humans.

 c. Visit a natural history museum and observe how sharks are displayed within their ecosystem.

 d. Create a display of 10 photos and information about sharks, including significant information learned in this honor.

 e. Create a game that assists others in learning about sharks. You may model the game after popular card or board games.