Sewing Fun Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Tell what the first sewing needles were made of.
2.    Tell what was first used as thread.
3.    State when sewing machines first came into existence.
4.    Demonstrate how to thread a needle.
5.    Knot the end of some thread and sew on a button.
6.    Make a bean bag.
7.    Make a useful article using at least two different stitches.
8.    Read the story in Acts 9:36-41 and plan a way to do something similar.

1.    The first sewing needles were made of bone.
2.    Horsetail hairs were probably the first thread.
3.    Sewing machines were first used in the 1850’s.
4.    Show safety when threading a needle.
5.    Practice tying a knot at the end of the thread and sewing a button on a piece of material or clothing, teaching the children to take small, even stitches.
6.    Make a simple bean bag by cutting two pieces of material. Facing right sides together, stitch by hand with small, even stitches on three sides. Turn inside out, fill with beans and hand stitch the last seam. Enjoy playing catch with the bean bags.
7.    Scissor holder - Cut the pattern, place material together and stitch by hand, making even, neat stitches. Include loop at top of scissor container for hanging.
Pincushion - Fill pin cushion with sand or small seeds.
8.    Children may:
•    Make and give away potholders or pincushions.
•    Make a quilt as a group project.
•    Collect used clothing to give away.