Seeds Pathfinder Honour

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1.      What is the main purpose of a seed?
2.      What foods were first given to man in the Garden of Eden?
3.      Identify from a seed or a drawing, and know the purpose of each of these parts of a seed: seed coat, cotyledon, and embryo.
4.      Know four different methods by which seeds are scattered by the plant. Name three kinds of plants that scatter their seeds by each method.
5.      Know ten kinds of seeds that we use for food.
6.      Know five kinds of seeds that are used as sources of oil.
7.      Know five kinds of seeds that are used for spices.
8.      What conditions are necessary for a seed to sprout?
9.      Make a collection of thirty different kinds of seeds, twenty of which you have collected yourself. Label each kind with its name, the date collected, and locality, and the collector. You may glue them on heavy paper or put them in clear vials.