Seed Adventurer Award

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1. Listen to the parable found in Matthew 13:3-9. Read two other verses about seeds:

a. Genesis 1:11
b. Mark 4:31
c. Matthew 17:20

2. What does a seed need in order to grow?

3. Observe and discuss what happens when a seed sprouts.

4. Name some ways that seeds are naturally spread?

5. Name the largest and smallest seeds you have ever seen?

6. Taste a variety of edible seeds. Have fun exploring new things!

7. Collect and identify at least 2 different seeds of each category:

_ Tree Seeds
_ Fruit Seeds
_ Vegetable Seeds
_Grain/Grass Seeds
_Nut Seeds

8. Make a seed collage or other seed craft.



To learn about the miraculous inner workings of the seeds that God has given us.


Curriculum Connection:

My World



1. Read from the Bible or a Bible story book.

2. Sunlight, rich soil, water, proper air temperature.

3. For this activity you will need the following items for each child: a clear glass jar, several sheets of paper towel and a bean seed.

a. Roll the paper towel into a tube that you can insert into the jar.

b. Wedge a bean seed between the paper towel and the side of the jar.

c. Add about an inch of water to the bottom of the jar.

d. The water will travel up the paper towel, and the bean will begin to germinate.

e. Add water to keep towel moist.

f. Watch as the bean produces a whole root system.

4. Animals, wind, water, gravity, and force.

5. Listen to answers from the children then share this information.

a. Largest: The largest seed is the double coconut or coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica) from Seychelle Isands. It is a giant fan palm, the coconut can take up to 10 years to develop, weigh up to 50 lbs., and reach 12 inches in length and nearly three feet in circumference.

b. Smallest: The smallest seed is from an orchid, and is less than half the diameter of a grain of table salt.

6. For example: sesame seeds, green pumpkin seeds, wheat berries, millet seeds, tree nuts, peanuts (Caution: please be aware of allergies.)

7. An excellent activity would be to take a nature walk to find sees such as acorns, berries, and grass seeds.

8. Examples:  Popsicle stick photo frame with seeds glued in a pattern. Mosaic picture