Sailing Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors


(Instructor Required)
1.      Have the intermediate Swimming Honor.
2.      Know the "rules of the road for boating."
3.      Know how weather conditions and high wave conditions can affect safety and sailing performance.
4.      What safety precautions should be followed when sailing.
5.      Do the following:
a.       Get a sailboat underway from dock, mooring or beach.
b.      Know how to adjust your sails for the following situations:
1)      Beating the wind
2)      Beam reach
3)      Broad reach
4)      Close reach
5)      Downwind
c.       Change tack by coming about and by jibing.
d.      Approach a dock mooring, or beach, stop and prepare the boat for being unattended.
6.      Know how to tie and use the following knots in sailing:
a.       Square
b.      Bowline
c.       Clove hitch
d.      Figure-eight
e.       Two half-hitches
f.      Mooring hitch
7.      List several ways to care for your sailing equipment through the year.
8.      Have a knowledge of at least 20 terms used in sailing and their meanings.
9.      Identify at least 15 parts of a sailboat.
10.    Demonstrate the rescue of a person overboard.*
11.    Demonstrate what to do when a sailboat capsizes.*