Safe Water Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors


  1. What stories in the Bible refer to drinking water? 
  2. What places do we get safe drinking water?
  3. List some ways to purify water and demonstrate one of the ways.
    a.  Strain and boil
    b.  Purification tablets
    c.  Water purification pump (such as ultra violet light or a mechanical pump)
    d.  Other
  4. Why is water so important?
  5. Talk about the scarcity of water in areas. Do the following:
    a.  Watch a video on the needs of water in another country.
    b.  Do an activity to help children appreciate how important water is.
    c.  Develop a water fetching skit to illustrate how many people in the world have to  get their water every day.
    d.  Demonstrate how to properly wash hands with less than 1 quart of water.
  6. Do an outreach project to help people be able to have safe drinking water.


1.  Waters of Marah: Exodus 15:23, woman at the well: John 4:1-26 (Discuss how Jesus is the water of Life, our spiritual water), striking the rock, Numbers 20:1-29

2.  Purified sources: well, river, city water towers, lakes, underground aquafers

3  You can search online for other ways and even show your children some of the ways.

4.  Health, life, cleanliness, plant growth, etc.

5.  Example: a.  Search online for a video b. Feed children something salty, discuss how thirsty that makes us, but then let  children have water and explain how many boys and girls don’t have water to  drink. c. Search the internet to see how people carry water.

6.  Research area projects or organization such as ADRA.

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