Road Safety Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors


1.    Identify and explain 10 important road signs.
2.    Tell when and where to cross the road safely.
3.    Give road safety rules for:
a.    Walking along the road by yourself
b.    Riding your bicycle
c.    Riding a horse
d.    Walking with a group
4.    Explain why you should wear a seatbelt when riding in a car.
5.    Listen to a Highway Patrol Officer or other safety officer talk about safety for children.
6.    Play a safety game.

1.    Some examples:
a.    Stop
b.    Railroad Crossing
c.    Wrong Way
d.    Walk
e.    No Left Turn
f.    Don’t Walk
g.    No U Turn
h.    One Way
i.    School Crossing
j.    Sharp Turn
k.    Speed Limit
l.    Yield
2.    Cross the road at an intersection or pedestrian crossing. If there is a traffic light, cross only when it is green for your direction.
3.    Walk to the side of the road going against traffic. The rules may vary in your area. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles for regulations for: walking, riding a horse or bicycle or skateboard and walking in a group. Abide by traffic rules, watching carefully for traffic.
4.    Watch a movie or listen to a police officer talk about seatbelt safety. We wear safety belts so we will experience less injury in an accident. It is the law in many areas.
5.    Have a safety expert talk with the children at their age level, stressing what children can do to be safe.
6.    Make posterboard signs and play “Simon Says,” holding signs up. Having the children do what the sign says, either on foot or on a bicycle, is a fun way to learn road safety. Or play other safety games.