Reporter Adventurer Award NEW

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This item is only available to Club Directors


1.    Give a report to your parents about an Adventurer function. Make a “Reporter” scrapbook of three Adventurer outings.
2.    Look up information on a toy or musical instrument. Report to the group two things you discovered.
3.    Listen to announcements and read the church bulletin.
a.    Put bulletin announcements in your scrapbook.
b.    Circle the events you were most interested in.
4.    Talk with your pastor, Sabbath School or school teacher. In your scrapbook put:
a.    a drawing of the person and where he/she works
b.    a note describing what he/she likes best about his/her job
5.    Keep your “Reporter” scrapbook for at least two months.
6.    Name some reporters in the Bible and tell what they reported.

1.    Have a sharing time in your Adventurer meeting so each child will have practice in sharing a “report” with others. Help them learn to put events in order, and encourage them to tell their parents about an Adventurer function. Start a simple “Reporter” scrapbook. Let the children design a cover with their name on it; typing paper or unlined notebook paper would be fine. Give the children a copy of an Adventurer announcement to place in their scrapbooks for starters.
2.    Make a scrapbook story, using magazine pictures or drawn and colored ones. A sibling, parent or friend may need to help with research, or you may do research during club time. Have the children print captions below the pictures to tell what they like about the items. Have the children share what they learned.
3.    Encourage the children to acquire good listening skills. Have them cut announcements from school or church bulletins to be placed in their scrapbooks. Circle the activities they would most enjoy. Put an X by activities that they attended.
4.    Talk with a favorite person asking them what they like best about their job. Draw the person, and color and make a picture of what (s)he likes best to do and where (s)he works. Again encourage listening skills, demonstrating how to make a few notes to help them remember what they are told as well as to help them remember what questions to ask.
5.    Work on the “Reporter” scrapbook for at least two months. Add clippings of interesting school, church, club and community activities.
6.    See Luke 24:33, 35; Mark 16:9, 10; Acts 12:11-16; Neh. 1:1; Luke 1:1-4; etc.