Preservation of Water Resources Pathfinder Honour

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1. What are water resources?

2. Discover at least ten activities in which water use is essential.

3. Know how the public water supply in your city works.

4. What is hydroelectric power?

5. List at least five factors that waste water and how they can be avoided.

6. Know how the following factors directly influence the wasting of drinking water: a. Deforestation b. Pollution c. Disorganized occupation and use of soil d. Lack of basic sanitation

7. Research and discover the average water consumption in your country in the following activities: Domestic a. Shower b. Brushing your teeth c. Flushing the toilet d. Laundry e. Dripping water Industry f. 1 kg of beef g. 1 kg of cheese h. 1 kg of tomato i. 1 computer