Prayer Warrior Adventurer Award

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1.         Read what Paul said about the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18) and make a poster or craft showing the armor of God:
2.         Name 5 Bible Old Testament prayer warriors and read one of their stories from the Bible. How were their lives changes by talking with God?
3.         Discuss how and where to pray.
4.         Learn who we should pray for and write a prayer of your own. Read this prayer in the Adventurer Club, Sabbath School Class, or during church service.
5.         Discuss why you pray.
6.         Take a prayer walk with the Adventurers or your family. Talk about the way you felt during the walk.

Encourage daily prayer.

Curriculum Connection:  
Helping Hand, My God III “His Power in My Life”

SDA Commentary 
Ephesians 6:10-18
Roman Soldiers 
Armor of God Playing Cube
Roman Soldier Paper Craft

1.         Belt of truth; breastplate of righteousness; boots of peace; shield of faith; helmet of salvation; sword of the Word of God. 
2.         Examples: Abraham (Gen. 12); Joseph (Gen.41); Moses (Exodus 16); Joshua (Joshua 5); Gideon (Judges 6); Samuel (I Samuel 3); David (Psalms 41 & I Samuel 17); Daniel (Daniel 6).
3.        a.    Ways –Pray out loud or silently; pray with others or byyourself; sing; journaling (writing down your prayers); telephone prayer ( pray with someone on the phone).
b.        Places – By your bed; at the breakfast table; in the car; on your bike; while taking a walk; in Sabbath School; at a hospital; or anywhere!  
4.         Pray for yourself, family members, friends, enemies, pets, church family, church workers, the unsaved, the sick, or neighbors.
5.         To praise God, to say I’m sorry, please forgive me, tell God thank you, and pray for others and yourself.
6.         Did you feel better after the walk? Did you feel close to God? Did what you see make you feel thankful or give you things to pray about?