Poultry Pathfinder Honour

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1.      Identify by description or from pictures at least five breeds of chickens such as:

a.       Plymouth Rock (any color)
b.      Wyandotte (any color)
c.       Rhode Island Red
d.      Orpington (any color)
e.       Leghorn (any color).

2.      State orally or write a short paragraph regarding the egg laying or meat producing qualities of each breed.

3.      Identify by description a Peking duck.

4.      Identify by description or from pictures three breeds of large domestic fowl such as the following turkeys:

a.       Mammoth Bronze turkey
b.      White Holland turkey
c.       Bourbon Red turkey.

5.      Identify by description or from pictures two breeds of Domestic geese such as:

a.       Toulouse goose
b.      Emden
c.       Chinese Geese
d.      Sebastopol Geese
e.       Cape Barren Goose

6.      Visit a poultry farm or Agricultural Fair and write a brief report on the various types of poultry observed.