Plastic Models Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors


1. Know, explain, and follow an assembly map of a modeling kit.
2. Choose and assemble a modeling kit. Example: planes, boats, cars, etc. This kit cannot be used in other modeling honors(Airplane Modeling, Model Cars, etc.)
3. Know how to use the tools to help assemble a kit (sandpaper, tweezers, magnifiers, brushes, glue, etc.)
4. Color your model correctly according to the original model or with the colors indicated by the manufacturer
5. Place the adhesives correctly.
6. Do some research on the original model you assembled and answer the following: a. Year in which the original was manufactured. b. Country of manufacture. c. Main uses and history of the vehicle. d. Curiosities, if any. e. Meaning of the colors and symbols, if any.