My Picture Book Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.         Make a picture book of at least 6 pages.
2.         All pages must have some form of decoration on it.
3.         Describe each picture in the book. 
4.         Memorize Joel 1:3 and discuss the meaning.
5.         Share your picture book with others and explain why you picked these pictures. Did sharing your book help you understand Joel 1:3?

Purpose of award: 
Building memories, developing appreciation for family or learning more about a specific subject.

Curriculum Connection: 

Helping Hand, My Family, I.


1.         Create a family picture book or chose any subject, object or theme as the basis for your book. Include photos, magazine pictures and/or drawings.  
2.         Use a variety of materials to decorate the book. Such as: colored or printed paper, stickers, punch-outs, decorative scissors, buttons, foam cut-outs, embellishments, beads, etc. 
3.         A short description of the picture.
4.       May choose different Bible versions, such as, KJV, NKJV, Clear Work, etc.
5.         Share your book with family, club,   school or with friends.