Pearly Gates Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors


This award is intended to make children aware of and look forward to the Second Coming and Heaven.
1.    Find and read a promise of Jesus' Second Coming in the Bible.
2.    Act out a parable from the Bible about Jesus' Second Coming.
3.    Name a Bible book and chapter that describes Last Day events.
4.    Make a list of the signs of Jesus' Second Coming, found in Matt. 24:3-14.
5.    Describe Jesus' ascension of Heaven and tell how it is like or unlike the way He will return.
6.    Find and read in the Bible a description of the Holy City or New Earth.
7.    Complete and memorize John 14:2,3 using one of the following activities:
a.    Fill in the blanks:
"In my Father's _______ are many _______; if it were not so I would have _____ ____. I go to _______ __ ______ for you. And if I go and _________________, I will _____ _____, and receive you unto ______; that where ______, there _____ may be also."
b.    Put each word on an index card (one word/card), and have the children put the cards in order).
c.    Help make a rebus of the memory verse; say the verse, with help from the rebus.
d.    Hide pieces of the puzzle and make a game for the Parable of Lost Coins with them.
8.    Close your eyes and imagine meeting Jesus at the Pearly Gate, then either draw a picture of what you imagined or create what the Pearly Gate would look like.

1.    John 14:1-3; Acts 1:11
2.    The Ten Virgins, Matt, 25:1-13; The Net, Matt. 13:47,48; The Wicked Tenants, Matt. 21:33; Mark 12:1-10; Luke 20:9-16; The Great Banquet, Luke 14:16-24; Matt. 22:1-14; The Lost Coin, Luke 15:8-10; The Narrow Door, Matt. 7:13,14; Luke 13:22-30; The Weeds, Matt. 24-30; The Lost Sheep, Luke 15:3-7; The Sower, Matt. 13:3-23; Others.
3.    Matt. 24
4.    False Christs (v.5), wars and fall of kingdoms (v.6-7), famine & earthquakes (v.7), persecution (9), turning away (v.10), false prophets (v.11), increased wickedness and love growing cold (v.12), gospel to all the world (v.14).
5.    1 Thessalonians 4:15-18, Acts 1:1-8
6.    Isaiah 65:17-25; Rev. 21, 22.
7.    Provide heavy paper, markers, scissors.
8.    Have available paper, markers/crayons, popsicle sticks, glitter, construction paper, pearls, foil, etc.
"In My Father's House."
"I'm Going to Heaven."