Patriarchs of the Bible Pathfinder Honour

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1. What is meant by the term “patriarch” in a biblical context?

2. List four major patriarchs whose experiences are recorded in the book of Genesis. Develop a media experience that includes:

a. An outline of their experience


b. A character trait they exemplify


c. Their importance to the rest of the Bible


d. An instance where God talked directly to them


3. Who is the father of the twelve patriarchs of Israel? Illustrate using a family tree drawing of their parents, outlining the chronological order of their births.

4. Name three biblical patriarchs not found in the book of Genesis and briefly describe their significant role in the Bible.

5. Read a chapter from Patriarchs and Prophets, written by Ellen White, that covers your favorite patriarch. Find five points that you may have learned from your reading. As a group or with a leader discuss the five points.

6. Search Genesis 6 and find the evidence that Noah was called by God.

7. Draw an image of a boat.

a. Inside the boat, list the reasons Noah’s family chose to go on the boat.


b. Outside the boat, list the reasons the people chose not to go on the boat.


c. Circle those things that would influence your decision to be inside or outside the boat.


8. Compare and contrast Genesis 12 and 22 discussing how Abraham's faith grew.

9. Give the reason for God changing Abram’s name to Abraham, found in Genesis 17. List why the name was changed, the time frame, and the effect.

10. List three major events in Joseph’s life where God took a bad situation and used it to further His will.

11. When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt, he devised a few tests; what was he trying to ascertain? List the tests and what they were designed to show.

12. Illustrate the significance of Moses’ life in three major stages. List the length of time, what he learned and what caused the changes.

a. Prince of Egypt


b. Shepherd


c. Leader of his people


13. What was the primary reason God chose to keep Moses from entering the Promised Land? Discuss whether this was fair and why.

14. Although Moses did die and his body never found, show biblical proof that he is in Heaven.

15. Find three examples of how Joshua exhibited his faith in God when others questioned God. Provide biblical text to support your answer.

16. As the last biblical patriarch, Joshua calls Israel together and speaks to them before his death. Read his speech to Israel in Joshua 24. Through a media experience, show what gods you may have in your life that you need to forsake, so like Joshua you can say: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”