Odonates Pathfinder Honour

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1. What are Odonates?

2. Know how many species of damselflies and species of dragonflies are in your Country (or State/Provence) and Continent and Worldwide.

3. How do dragonflies and damselflies differ?

4. What separates Odes from other insects?

5. What other insects look a bit like odes?

6. Describe and draw the life cycle of an ode.

7. Know the following terms regarding Odonates:

a. Exuviae

b. Ocelli

c. Crepuscular

d. Cerci

e. Pruinescence

f. Wing Veins

g. Wing Cells

h. Compound eyes

i. Segments

j. Pterothorax

k. Labium

l. Forewing

m. Pterostigma

n. Hindwing

o. Frons

8. Of what value are odes and why should we study them?

9. Identify and observe at least 15 species of Odonates. Record their location, habitat and date of finding.

10. Demonstrate how to properly catch and release an Odonate without injuring it.