My Community Friends


1. Name five (5) different friends who live in your community.

2. Make a scrapbook or collage of your neighborhood friends, including at least five (5) different people.

3. Tell three (3) things that you and your friends can do to make your neighborhood a better place.

4. Tell one of your friends that Jesus loves them.

5. Do something nice for a community friend.

6. Make a new friend in your neighborhood.



1. Kids can name people of all ages that they know.

2. Make scrapbooks for the children ahead of time, or provide construction paper. Encourage parents to take

pictures of children and their friends. Children may also ask friends for a picture, or draw pictures of their friends.

3. Things that I can do in my neighborhood are:

4. • Pick up trash.

• Don’t litter.

• Speak kindly to neighbors.

• Pull weeds or rake leaves for someone who is elderly or sick. (Always ask first!)

• Help keep my yard nice.

5. Suggest a way to share, such as giving away balloons, buttons or flowers with the message. Role play giving the gift and saying “Jesus loves you” to a friend. Sing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Jesus Loves the Little Ones like Me (You).”

6. Plan an idea and follow through at home, or invite your friend to the next meeting.

7. Make sure that children have an opportunity to do this while properly supervised.