Music II Adventurer Award (Previously Music Maker)

This item is only available to Club Directors


1.      Discuss guidelines for Christians to follow in choosing music.
2.      Name and identify six different musical instruments.
3.      Make a scrapbook, poster, or collage showing musical instruments.
4.      Name three musical instruments mentioned in the Bible.
5.      Demonstrate how to play a musical instrument.
6.      Learn two songs and play or sing them, OR participate in a rhythm band or participate in making music with family or friends.

Parent/teacher Helps & Answers

1.      Would Jesus listen to this music? Does the music glorify God? Read Messages to Young People, pages 292-296, and share the concepts you read with the Adventurers.
2.      Examples are piano, trumpet, clarinet, cymbals, flute, saxophone, etc. Encourage inclusion of instru­ments in common use in your part of the world.
3.      Use pictures of musical instruments drawn by the Adventurer or cut from magazines to make a poster or collage.
4.      Some examples are:
a)      Exodus 28:33, 34 – Bells
b)      1 Kings 10:12 – Harp
c)      Isaiah 30:29 - Flute
d)     1 Chronicles 15:16 – Cymbals
e)      Isaiah 5:12 – Clarinet
f)       Numbers 10:1-10 – Trumpet
5.      Practice and play a simple instrument such as a recorder, kazoo, harmonica etc., OR piano, violin, or other instrument the children are learning to play. Make this fun. Use simple instruments for those who may be less musical yet can enjoy a joyful noise. Create your own musical instrument.
6.      Learn two new songs together and sing or play them for others, OR use rhythm instruments or kitchen utensils to make "music" together. Play together and practice for playing for others.