Music Pathfinder Honour

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(Instructor Required)

1. Play or sing a scale and know its composition.

2. Write a scale in both treble and bass clef.

3. Know a half-tone, a whole tone, a third, a fifth, and an octave.

4. Distinguish a march from a waltz and give the time of each.

5. What is a quarter note? A half note? A whole note? Draw the symbols of each.

6. Name five great composers and one composition of each, including an oratorio, a piano composition, and a song.

7. Play with or without music or sing from memory 15 hymns (one verse or stanza each) and/or other sacred songs or choruses and list the composer of each.

8. Play or sing from memory one piece of good music other than those used in #7.

9. Do one of the following:

a. For instrumentalists, be able to sight-read and play a moderately difficult piece of music. Explain all signs and terms in it.

b. For singers, show with baton or arm how to lead a group in singing compositions written in 3/4 and 4/4 time.

10. Define orchestra and name at least five instruments in an orchestra.


11. Do a biographical sketch on a famous hymn writer and orally present it to a group.