Manners Fun Eager Beaver


1. Learn the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12)

2. What are the five magic words (or phrases)?

3. Draw or cut and paste pictures to illustrate one of the magic words.

4. Play a game using the five magic words (or phrases).



Answers for #2

Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome, I'm sorry, and Excuse Me.

Suggestion for #4:

Magic Word Game

On strips of paper, write incidents such as “When you are given a gift, what do you say?” “When someone says to you, ’Mary, you have a pretty dress, ’what do you say?” “When you walk down the hall and bump into someone, what do you say?” Use your imagination to think of more incidents. Put the strips of paper in a basket. Have the child draw one and the teacher read it and the child respond appropriately