Left and Right Eager Beaver


1. Play “Simon Says” using left/right.

2. Which hand do you draw with? Print your name.

3. Put blue dot stickers on the fingers of your left hand. Put red dot stickers on your right hand.

4. Which side of a faucet is the hot water? Which side is cold?

5. Put your shoes on the correct feet.

6. Practice marching while chanting, “Left, Right, Left.”



1. Some things that “Simon Says” might include:

2. • Raise your right hand.

• Put your left hand down.

• Take a step with your left foot.

• Put your right thumb up.

• Touch your toes with your left hand.

• Stand on your right foot.

3. Accept children’s natural tendency, whether they are left- or right-handed.

4. In general, hot is left, cold is right. Show the children how to use the different kinds of faucets found at home, in church, etc.

5. Play a game with your family. Pile everyone’s shoes together. See how long it takes you to find your own and put them on the correct feet.

6. Tie a jingle bell (available from a local craft store or AdventSource) to each child’s left ankle to help them remember which foot starts. Play marching music.