Leather Craft Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors


  1. List the necessary tools a beginner needs in Leather Craft work, and demonstrate the proper use of each.
  2. Know how to distinguish different kinds of leather, such as calf, goat, and imitation leather. What leathers are most suitable for tooling?
  3. Give the steps necessary in the preparation of leather.
  4. Design and tool some object in leather, such as a billfold, magazine cover, or belt.
  5. Show how to use leather dye.
  6. What kind of finish should be used on leather?

Leathercraft Advanced Requirements

  1. Have the Leather Craft Honor.
  2. Demonstrate ability to punch holes, set snaps, do saddle stitching, and to do two types of lacing.
  3. Make a sheath for a hatchet, knife or ax.
  4. Complete a figure-carved belt, doing your own tooling.
  5. Design, cut out from leather, punch, and lace your own pattern for a case, purse, bag, etc.
  6. Exhibit six leather items you have made.