Land and Freshwater Mollusks Pathfinder Honour

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1.Distinguish between sea snails, land snails, slugs, freshwater snails and freshwater bivalves.
2. Explain the basic structure and parts of the mollusk and its shell
3. Explain the snail's method of eating, moving, and reproducing.
4. Explain freshwater bivalves' methods of eating and moving.
5. Complete the following: a. Describe the uses people have made of snails. b. Describe the disease and pest problems associated with some land and freshwater snails.
6. Complete the following: a. Explain how snails fit into an area's ecological balance. b. Explain the need for the conservation of natural areas as habitats for snails and other creatures.
7. Do either a or b: a. Collect, photograph or sketch land snails, freshwater snails and/or freshwater bivalves from the local area (empty shells only). b. Keep and observe live snails or slugs in a suitable container.