Kites Pathfinder Honour

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1.      When were kites first made and flown? Name at least three ways kites have helped in scientific research and tell how each has affected the world we live in. Tell the story of Benjamin Franklin and his kite.
2.      Name some of the ways that kites might be used today.
3.      Explain briefly how kites fly.
4.      Define the following terms:
a.       Spine
b.      Spar
c.       Vent
d.      Bowstring
e.       Cover
f.       Frame
g.      Trail
h.      Keel
i.        Flying line
j.        Bridle
k.      Reel
5.      What is a common cause of kite failure?
6.      What should be done when a kite loops during flight?
7.      Why is a tail sometimes needed on a kite?
8.      Know at least three safety rules for kite flying.
9.      Know how to correctly wind line on a stick. Know how to tie broken ends together with the fisherman's knot.
10. Make and successfully fly two of the following kites:
a.       Sled kite
b.      Flat kite
c.       Two?stick diamond kite
d.      Delta wing kite
e.       Eddy or Malay kite
f.       Fox kite
g.      Tetrahedral kite