Hygiene Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Find, read and discuss Psalm 119:11, 51:10, and 19:14.
2.    Learn about personal cleanliness.
3.    Discover three important times for washing your hands.
4.    Practice proper brushing of teeth.
5.    Discuss regular bathing and how to keep your hair clean.
6.    How many glasses of water should you drink daily?
7.    Is it important to keep your clothing clean?
8.    Participate in a recognized fitness test:
a.    President’s Challenge
b.    An equivalent program

1.    Discuss importance of using kind and “clean” words as Jesus would have us do. Locate the texts, discuss what they say.
2.    Make it interesting while you learn—remember that many may not be taught the basics of cleanliness at home. Play games, sing songs or make posters to instill the basic principles. You may choose to see a video, read a book or have a health specialist come talk with the children.
3.    Teach the importance of cleanhands before eating, after going to the rest room, and before handling food. Using a microscope look at their hands. Have them wash with soap as they would normally wash, place them under a microscope again, wash again carefully and look at the difference.
4.    Brush your teeth, for two minutes, at least twice each day. Eat a balanced diet, cut back on sugary and starchy foods, don’t chew on hard substances such as ice or popcorn kernels. Have a dental person come to show proper brushing (they may be willing to give each child a tooth brush or other items).
5.    A clean body is healthier. Share with the children some problems if they do not keep clean. For example, lice, colds, etc. Play beauty shop and show how to properly wash hair, dry and comb it. You may wish to have a beauty operator talk to them and show good health habits for their hair and hands.
6.    The outside of your body needs water to keep clean and the inside of your body needs water to keep healthy. You need at least eight glasses of water each day. Share with them how God made their body and planned it the way it is.
7.    It is also important to keep our clothing clean so we will look and feel healthy. After playing or working it is important to bathe and put on clean clothing.
8.    Use the President’s Challenge test or the Canadian Fitness test. Set goals and practice so you may improve.