Hurricanes Pathfinder Honour

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 1. Find the definition for the following terms: a. Advisory b. Hurricane season c. Storm Surge d. Tropical Storm e. Tropical Wave f. Eye g. Hurricane Warning h. Tropical Cyclone i. Tropical Storm Warning j. Hurricane/Typhoon k. Hurricane Watch l. Tropical Depression m. Tropical Storm Watch

2. Define and tell how a hurricane is formed. 

3. What are the dangers of a hurricane?

4. What are the different levels of hurricanes?

5. List the precautions to take before a hurricane strikes

6. Make a list of things to have in preparation for a hurricane.

7. List what actions to take while a hurricane is taking place.

8. Describe what to do after a hurricane has struck.

9.Define ADRA.

10. Know what your local conference disaster relief program is.