Human Trafficking Awareness

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1) Complete the following, as defined by the United Nations:

Human trafficking involves recruitment, harbouring or transporting people into a situation of _________________ through the use of ___________, ___________ or ___________ and forced to work against their will.

2) What are the three components needed for Human Trafficking to be taking place?

3) Give one example for each component:

4) Give another name for Human Trafficking:

5) Why is people trafficking so popular?

6) Which of the three (drugs / weapons / human trafficking) criminal activities is more lucrative? 

7) What is the estimated profits generated yearly as a result of Human Trafficking?

8) Approximately how many people are enslaved today?

9) When did the Slavery Abolition Act come into effect in the UK?

10) Who spearheaded the political campaign to abolish slavery in the UK?

11) Approximately how many slaves were there in 1834?

12) List two important dates to remember, International day for the Abolition of Slavery and World day against trafficking in persons?          

13) List three places where you might find someone who has been trafficked?

14) How many cotton balls does it take to make one shirt?

15) How many miles of cotton does it take to make one shirt?

16) How many litres of water does it take to make one shirt?

17) How many people does it take to make one pair of jeans?

18) What percentage of people (women, men, boys and girls) are trafficked:

19) What percentage of human trafficking victims are trafficked domestically within national borders? 



1) READ: Genesis 37:1-36

2) Answer the followiing questions:

              Who sold Joseph?

              Where did Joseph live before he was sold into slavery?

              Who was Joseph sold to?

              How much was Joseph sold for

              Where was Joseph taken?

              Joseph was sold again, to who

3) What are three things that we can learn from Josephs life?

4) What inspired you when reading the story of Joseph?

5) What challenged you?

6) Consider that 15-year-old boy, trafficked from Cambodia, to Thailand.  Away from his family, his brothers and sisters.  On a ship, fishing for 3 years with no-where to run…   How does it make your feel?

7) What does freedom mean to you? _________________________________________



1) Print an anti-trafficking flyer and share it with 20 people.  You can drop them into the letterbox around your neighbourhood if you like.

2) Produce a short presentation (2-3 minutes), sharing what you have learnt about Human Trafficking.  Record the presentation using a phone or video camera.

3) If you could scream a message of hope, of love, concern and compassion… just a few words to all those in this world who are living a life of slavery, what would you say?

4) What is the UK Human Trafficking HOTLINE NUMBER?

5) If you have a phone of your own, please add this number so that you have it easily accessible should you ever need it.