Human Sexuality Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors

Note: The guidance of a qualified instructor is required. This honor should be taught in groups separated by sex and age. The instructor for the boys should be a man and the instructor for girls should be a woman

1. What is human sexuality?

2. What is the Divine Model for sexuality? What does the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy have to say over the matter?

3. What is biological sex? How many kinds are there?

4. Draw the male and female reproductive organs and answer the following: a. Which are the internal sexual/reproductive organs? b. Which are the external sexual/reproductive organs? c. What is the function of each one of these organs? d. Why is it important to call these organs by their correct name?

5. What is puberty? When does it start in boys and girls? What physical and psychological changes occur?

6. What is menstruation and wet dreams? What age does this begin and end?

7. Why is genital hygiene important for men and women?

8. What is pregnancy, how does it happen and how long does it last? Make a monthly chart demonstrating the main characteristics of pregnancy.

9. What is abortion? What are the physical and psychological consequences? When is abortion advisable?

10. What is the man's and woman's role and what responsibilities are attributed to each according to your culture? How have gender roles changed over time up to now? Why are the stereotypes of gender roles dangerous?

11. How can you recognize and protect yourself from possible sexual abuse? What are the dangers? Who should you go to in case someone (a stranger, friend or family member) makes insinuations or touches you inappropriately? Why is it important not to stay silent?

12. What are STDs? Answer the following: a. What is HIV? b. What is AIDS? c. How is HIV spread? d. How long until the first appearance of symptoms? e. What tests or medical exams are done to know if a person is infected? f. What care does a HIV-positive person require? Which and how many medications are taken a day?

13. When you have a question/doubt about sexuality, who can you turn to? Why are friends of the same age "unreliable" in this subject?

14. What is masturbation and what is the church's position regarding this act? What other name does Ellen G. White give it?

15. What is falling in love and courtship? When is it healthy? When is it distorted and harmful? How can you end a relationship appropriately?