Home Maintenance Pathfinder Honour

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1. Identify the following tools and know their use:

a. Hammer

b. Screwdriver, regular

c. Screwdriver, Phillips

d. Pliers, regular

e. Pliers, needle nose

f. Wire cutters

g. Vise grip

h. Square

i. Level

j. Saw, hand

k. Saw, hack

l. Saw, circular

m. Drill and bits

n. Plumb line  

o. Retractable steel tape

p. Miter box

2. Demonstrate ability to drive at least six nails out of ten into wood, without bedding the nail.

3. Using a drill of your choice, drill a hole in wallboard and install an anchor (molly) and screw.

4. Install two screws in wood. Show ability to use both regular and Phillips types of screw drivers.

5. Demonstrate ability to rewire a simple plug--as installing a new plug on a lamp cord or repairing an existing one.

6. Using square and handsaw, demonstrate ability to saw a board at right angles.

7. Describe how to hang a picture, including the tools you would use. What would you do differently to hang a 35-pound picture than you would to hang a 2-pound picture?

8. Prepare a simple tool box. Use of actual tools is encouraged, but pictures may be used instead.

a. What points should be considered in selecting a container for your tools?

b. Why is it important to buy good quality tools even if it means fewer tools?

c. Give at least one use for each tool you select for your tool box.

d. How should you care for your tools?

9. What should you do if you discover a broken water pipe?

a. If electricity is involved?

b. If electricity is not involved?

10. Demonstrate how to replace a worn faucet washer.

11. What should you do if a drain becomes clogged?

a. What is a plunger? How would you use it to open a clogged drain?

b.What precautions should be taken when using chemical drain openers?