Home Craft Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Design and build a sculpture, using toothpicks.
2.    Do or make two of the following:

a.    A crocheted piece
b.    A cross stitched piece
c.    A knitted piece
d.    An embroidered piece
e.    Thread a needle and sew on buttons

3.    Cover a bottle to be used as a vase.
4.    Design and make a refrigerator magnet.
5.    Make a picture from household items or foods.
6.    Make two items from things that would normally be thrown away.
7.    Start a collection of throwaway home items that may be reused for craft projects.


1. Using cardboard as a base, take glue and toothpicks and build a tower, animal, or other design of the child’s choice. Size may depend on the patience of the child.

2. This is a great opportunity for the family to work together on a project of their choice.

3. Cut small pieces of construction paper or pictures from a magazine. Cover bottle or jar with glue and place paper or pictures on it, pressing it smooth. Cover lightly with white glue and let dry before using. Makes an attractive gift for Mother’s Day or to use for flowers for a shut-in.

4. Let the children design and make with felts or other material scraps, buttons, etc., a magnet for the refrigerator or other metal surfaces.

5. Let children makeup designs or trace a design on a paper plate or cardboard and use glue to make a picture using beans, macaroni, and other dried foods.

6. Use bottle caps, milk or egg cartons, popsicle sticks, cardboard, nut shells, lint, bottles, cans, material scraps, etc. (Vacation Bible School teachers’ guides regarding crafts contain good ideas for this sort of thing.)

7. Teach the children to save and store in a craft box items they could use again for inexpensive craft projects. Be prepared to give examples of types of items to save. Encourage reuse of these items so they will not be thrown away and added to landfills. Every little bit helps the environment. Be creative!