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Helping Hand Requirement

Fourth grade program (9 years old)

updated curricula, 2016


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  1. Recite the Adventurer Pledge and Law
  2. Explain the Law
  3. Complete the Helping Hand Reading award.



  1. God's Plan To Save Me
    1. Create a story chart or lapbook showing the order in which these stories took place:
      • Noah--Water cleans the earth
      • Abraham--God calls a people
      • Moses--a promised land for God's people
      • David--God works with His people
      • Daniel--God's people disobey
    2. Use your story chart or lapbook to show someone how to live for God.
  2. God's Message to Me   
    Complete the Bible II award
  3. God's Power in My Life     
    1. Spend regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him. Journal your time by writing, drawing, or recording a video.
    2. With an adult, choose one thing in your life which Jesus has promised to help you improve. With His help, pray, plan, and work together to reach your goal.


  1. I Am Special 
    1. List some special interests and abilities God has given you.
    2. Share your talents using one of the following:
      • Talent show
      • Show and tell
  2. I Can Make Wise Choices   
    1. Learn the steps of good decision-making.
    2. Use them to solve two real-life problems.
  3. I Can Care For My Body  
    1. Complete the Hygiene Award.


  1. I Have A Family 
    Make a scrapbook or picture book about your family history.
  2. Family Members Care For Each Other 
    Help plan a special family worship, family night, or family outing.
  3. My Family Helps Me Care For Myself  
    Complete a level 3 or 4 award not previously earned.


  1. The World of Friends   
    Complete the Caring Friend award.
  2. The World of Other People
    Complete the Country Fun award.
  3. The World of Nature   
    Earn the Environmentalist award.