Hearing Pathfinder Honour

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1. How many parts of the outer ear are there? How do they function?
2. Activity 1 – Make a model eardrum (Alsoknown as the tympanic membrane).
3. What are the ‘auditory ossicles’ and name their parts.
4. What is the function of the middle ear?
5. Is the Eustachian tube a part of the middle ear? What is its function?
6. Which is true about the inner ear and balance?
7. Select the statements which are TRUE for theCochlea.
8. Mention the steps to good ear hygiene.
9. What are some ways which can help you toprotect your ear from damage or hearing loss?
10. Why is hearing very important in life? Do humans hear better or worse as they get older?
11. Activity 2 – Measuring sound distances
12. Select all the statements which apply to a‘sound source’
13. What is a sound wave caused by?
14. Activity 3 – Observing differences in sounds
15. Find at least four (4) Bible texts that specifically mention hearing or the ear.
16. Summarise in your own words one (1) Biblical story that refers to the sense of hearing.