Harmful Animals Pathfinder Honour

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1. What are harmful animals?
2. What is the difference between harmful animals and poisonous animals?
3. Know how some harmful animals can be directly related to some epidemics and pandemics.
4. Know at least 4 kinds of diseases transmitted by harmful animals.
5. How can animals harm plants and the lives of other animals?
6. Choose and present the following characteristics of two harmful animals: a. Habitat b. Type of sexual reproduction c. Eating habits d. Diseases and harm to humans e. Prevention
7. Name at least three harmful animals in the following classes: a. Mammals b. Insects c. Reptiles d. Amphibians
8. Discover why some harmful animals are important for the balance of their ecosystem.
9. Learn four ways to protect yourself from harmful animals that can be found in homes or businesses.
10. Complete at least one of the following activities: a. Visit a zoo or place of research where you can observe harmful animals and present a report. b. With the help of a leader, identify at least 10 harmful animals and present a list with the scientific name, common name, picture and place where it was found.
11. Discover three harmful animals in the Bible