Handicraft Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Pick six of the following to make:
a.    A get-well card, and give it to someone
b.    A dried or silk flower arrangement
c.    A bread-dough or clay figure
d.    A shell picture
e.    A string sculpture
f.    A mobile
g.    An item from papier-mache
h.    A picture using egg shells or seeds
i.    Covers for an autograph or photo album
j.    A collage using six different materials
k.    A poster inviting people to an event
l.    An article of your own choosing
2.    Give at least two of the above items to:
a.    A family member
b.    An elderly person in your church or a nursing home
3.    Have an art show.

1.    a.    Use paper, lace, material, etc., to decorate a card. Include a get-well message and give to someone who is ill.
b.    Collect dried or silk flowers to arrange.
c.    Encourage each child to be creative. Bake and paint.
d.    Design a picture using shells and glue. Display at the club.
e.    Make a simple string-art pattern.
f.    Design and make a mobile using at least three patterns.
g.    Use papier-mache to make a model of an animal or car.
h.    Use eggshells glued to cardboard to make and paint a design of their choice.
i.    Cover an autograph or photo album with material.
j.    Make a collage using a variety of materials, e.g., felt, wool, cotton, straw, bark, dried flowers.
k.    Make your poster easy to read and colorful.
l.    You may choose to have the children make the same type of craft item or give them several choices.
2.    Encourage neatness and originality of design.
3.    Hold the show during a Parent’s night or meeting, or during a nursing home visit.