Gymnast Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1. Have the Fitness Fun Award.
2. Perform at least five different warm-ups.
3. Lead out in warm-ups and stretches at the start of three classes.
4. Be able to do seven of the following movements and practice to improve.
a. Backward roll
b. Cartwheel
c. Backbend
d. Backward stretch straddle roll
e. Dive roll
f. Head stand
g. Handstand
h. Beam walk
i. Forward straddle roll
5. Participate in a recognized fitness test:
a. President’s Challenge
b. or an equivalent


1. Ideal warm-ups for children: skip, hop, jumping jacks, animal walks (elephant, crab, kangaroo, frog,
2. Have each child lead out in three warm-up sessions with jumping jacks, jogging in place, skipping,
jumping rope, etc. Lie down, tighten all muscles and hold (squeeze your fanny). Stretches: legs,
back, wrists, hands, ankles (rotate in circles), head (lean from side to side and hold).

3. Positions: stretch/lay out, pike, tuck, Regarding the movements:
a. For safety, make sure your hands are placed on the floor by your shoulders when you perform a
backward roll.
b. Keep arms and legs straight, fingers toward each other.
c. Stand and slowly lean backward, lowering hands to the floor. Back bridge: Push up from the floor.
Back bend: from a standing position, slowly arch back until hands touch the floor.
d. From a standing position, lean back placing hands between legs, as you roll hands go to the
shoulders, as in a back roll, and end in straddle stretch.
e. Practice dive rolls, staying tightly tucked for safety.
f. From a three-point frog stand, slowly rise legs to a straight position.
g. From a standing straddle position, place hands between legs with fingers facing forward, tuck head
and roll. Hands push off the floor and end with a standing stretch.
h. Walk on a “beam,” touching foot to knee each time you step.
I. Execute a handstand, kicking up and down by yourself. Practice with a spotter until you can do
handstands alone.
Some youngsters will be more limber and will find gymnastics easier than others. Make it fun, and
praise their efforts. Have an adult “spotter” nearby to minimize injuries.
4. Use the President’s Challenge test or the Canadian Fitness Test. (See Appendix)