Guide Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Describe what a guide does.
2.    Draw a map or give your group directions to your house.
3.    Be able to lead someone to the following locations:
a.    post office
b.    grocery store
c.    phone booth
d.    police station
e.    church
f.    school
4.    Demonstrate how to ask directions, and list people whom you can safely ask.
5.    As a group, organize a trip to and visit one of the following:
a.    museum
b.    fire station
c.    art festival
d.    water-treatment plant
e.    monument
f.    police station
g.    factory
6.    You have been a guide to different places, but who is our guide according to Psalm 48:14?

1.    A guide is a person that shows the way.
2.    Learning to give simple directions is the goal. Children at times have to give directions to emergency personnel as well as to a visiting family. Have a map of your area to help them understand north and south or left and right.
3.    Using butcher paper, draw a large “map” of your town that shows the places listed. Show street names necessary to reach the different places.
4.    Practice asking courteously and listening carefully to directions. Play a “directions” game. Divide the group into teams. Teacher will hide an object in the room and one person on each team will know where the object is. These people will give oral directions only once to the first member of their team. These team members will try to find the object without further instructions. Give each child a chance to find the object or give instructions.
5.    Explain how you make arrangements to visit one of the places listed. Before the trip, give the children information as to expected behavior and what to be looking for.
6.    Help the youngsters understand that God is with us and is our Guide throughout our lives. He really knows and cares about each one of us.