God's World Eager Beaver


1. Who made our world? (Learn Genesis 1:1.)

2. Act out the story of creation while someone reads or tells it.

3. Sing a song about your world.

4. Look at a globe and show where you live.

5. Name five (5) of your favorite things God created for you.

6. Make a collage, color a picture of God’s world, or take a walk outside and find things He made.



1. Do this in a question/answer format, with chanted or shouted group responses:

Who made our world? God did!

How do you know? The Bible tells me so.

What does it say? “In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth.”

(International Children’s Bible)

Where is that found? Genesis 1:1

2. Read Gen. 1:1-2:3 in the International Children’s Bible, or the creation story from the Bible Story books.  Use descriptive motions or sign language symbols for words that recur throughout the story. For  example:

God–point to heaven

Saw–shade eyes with hand

Good–make circle with thumb/forefinger and raise other fingers

Earth–join arms to make a circle

3. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (Pathfinders Sing #118)

(can change words: “He made the whole world, Yes He did!”)

God Made It So (SSTT #76)

Jesus Makes Everything Good (Heaven is for Kids, p. 9;

audio tape also available)

If I Were a Butterfly (illustrated song with tape available from AdventSource)

4. Plastic inflatable globes are available from AdventSource.

5. The things God made are all around us when we are outdoors.  We bring some of those things indoors to enjoy. Surround the children with natural objects or go outside for this.

6. Take a walk and collect natural objects (stones, leaves, flowers, bark, etc.) and make a picture or sculpture with them.