God's Universe Adventurer Award


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1.Read Bible verses about God creating the universe and heaven.

2.Discuss what Heaven will be like and draw a picture depicting your view of Heaven.

3.Find Bible verses about the universe, stars, moon, planets, and/or sun.

4.Make a craft of our solar system and name the 8 planets.

5.What is the universe?

6.What is the Milky Way?

7.Play a space game.


1.Read Genesis 1 and Revelations 21-22.

2.Encourage creativity.

3.Search the Bible index.

7.  Using an online search engine search for "group games space and planets for children."  Some games include:  a "meteor" water balloon fight, a hike/crawl/walk while dressed in "space gear" in "space," or making rockets with paper lunch bags with a balloon inside that you "let go" and watch the bag (rocket) "launch" into space.

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