Glue Right Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Practice controlling the glue on scratch paper.
2.    Learn how to control the glue by 
practicing different methods of apply glue.
3.    Child may glue a star, sequin or other items on the line they think they learned the most about controlled the glue and tell why.
4.    Read and discuss Proverbs 18:24.
5.    Make craft or picture using glue the right way.
6.    Put glue evenly in a small circle on the back of your hand. Wait for it to dry. Can you pull the glue off your hand in one piece?

Purpose: To teach techniques to control the
1. __________________________________

2.     __________________________________

3.      __________________________________

4.     __________________________________

5.     __________________________________

6.     __________________________________

Fill each circle  with clue

Glue a small magazine picture here

Make a design with stars,  sequins and jewels

put glue on lines cover glue with glitter.

1.    Providing glue containers with undamaged tips is important for the success of this award. Instruct children to practice squeezing the glue bottle lightly to make a thin line and then squeeze a little more to make a thick line. When they feel they have control of the glue they are ready to practice on the form.
2.    Create a glue right form similar to the sample or find this form on the NAD Adventurer website under awards.
a.    Lines 1 & 2 Make the glue flow in a thick line to fill the space without going past the end of the lines.
b.    Lines 3 & 4 Squeeze the glue very lightly and hold the tip of the container above the paper. Make the glue flow only on top of the thin lines without going past the end of the lines.
c.    Lines 5 & 6 Cover each dash without going past the end of  the dash by stop squeezing and raising the container up when the first dash ends and putting it down squeezing again to make the next dash.
d.    Circles Put the glue in the middle of the circle and, squeeze the container lightly and let the glue spread out to the edges. Fill in each circle without going past the lines.
e.    Magazine pictures Thin paper takes very little glue. Put just a small touch of glue on your finger and touch lightly the corners of the picture so the glue will not show through to the front side.
f.    Design Use any type of sequins, gems or small trinkets. Squeeze a small amount of glue on scratch paper. Use a toothpick to put glue on the items like sequins. Larger, heavier items will take more glue.
g.    Outline the star in glue and cover with glitter. For best results do one angle at a time or use a toothpick. Recommend staff set up one location where glitter is applied
3.    Never judge the success of this award by how neatly they completed the Glue Right form. The award is a success if they understand the techniques and know it is their job to learn ways to control glue
4.    The friend that stays faithful, even when all others turn away, is Jesus. He is the true and faithful Friend, the One who never fails.
5.    Any craft that require glue is appropriate.
6.    No purpose—just fun.